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Vampyre 2000: Ill of the Dead

One of the main ideas behind writing Vampyre 2000: Life to the Lifeless was to show that if vampires actually existed, how one might live his life today. Cornelius, the main character, is a two hundred year old vampire who conducts business in the downtown of a major American metropolis. I set out to write a realistic story about his past and how he interacted and survived in the twenty first century. We saw him fall in love with a human female. We also saw how, because of his involvement with her, he was forced to protect her and ultimately save her life.

Now, in Vampyre 2000: Ill of the Dead, Rita has become vampyre. Again, seeking a realistic treatment of the story, the reader will learn that the transition, for her, is not an easy one. The dark lifestyle and harsh reality of being a vampire soon fills Rita with regret and she rejects the way that she is forced to live her new life. In this story we will see Rita question the choices that she has made and decide on how she intends to embrace her future of being undead. Sometimes, the afterlife isnt always happily ever after. In the end, her transformation from a frightened and timid vampire to a powerful and confident creature of the night is sure to excite and intrigue you.

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